Wedding on a Budget Series: Photos that Aren’t a Fortune

Wedding on a Budget Series: Photos that Aren’t a Fortune

One of the most expensive parts of a wedding can be hiring a photographer and purchasing photos. While everyone dreams of that gorgeous, high art style wedding portrait, it isn’t worth starting your married life in debt for a single photo. Remember that the photo that is cute today might seem creepy in a few years.

Speaking of creepy, check out photo number three in this collection of creepy wedding photos on The Little Things. Umm… Just why?

The Unprofessional Photographer

So, you’re on a budget but you still want beautiful wedding photos. Your mom’s hairdresser’s cousin’s stepdaughter is dabbling in photographer and will do the job cheap. Sounds like a deal, right?

Maybe and maybe not. You might have a budding Ansel Adams on your hands. Or, you might wind up with a photo that is juvenile, silly, weird, or just plain bad.

Here are a few that will make you wonder:

You know… She’s a tiny girl, but it still looks like they might both topple over at this angle. This just is scary looking more than romantic.
titanic wedding
“Near…far…wherever you are…” If someone asks you to pose like you are Rose giving a solo flying performance off the bow of the Titanic.
whoa buddy
Whoa, buddy! I know y’all just got married, but save it for the hotel. Your hand is creeping way too low here.

So, you can probably see why before hiring a friend of a friend of a hairdresser that you should:

  • Ask how many weddings they’ve photographed. Weddings are very different than taking a portrait. You honestly need more than one person to photograph it correctly in most cases.
  • Ask to see samples of their work. How many goofy Titanic or squatting poses are there? (see photo below to see what I mean about the “squat” pose. Just never a good idea.
  • Is there a backup plan if the cut rate photographer can’t make it?


Maybe it is just me, but I hate this pose. I think it looks like the person is trying to find a spot to go to the bathroom.

wedding dress sit
Does this look completely awkward or what? Not only does she look like she’s having trouble balancing, but that hand on hip is awkward here.
typical senior photo pose
I kid you not that every single person who shows me their kids’ senior pictures has this pose, on the railroad tracks. Makes you wonder if the shoot was going on too long and the girl needed to go to the bathroom. Pretty girl. Ugly pose.
peeing under umbrella
This could have been a really cute picture if she would have just sat down, brought knees up and then wrapped her arms around them. As it is, we’ll just title it… pooing under an umbrella?

Enlist the Help of Everyone

If you’re having a frugal, family wedding, ask everyone you know if they’d be willing to take photos. You’re certain to have at least a couple of budding photographers in the group. Out of several people, you’ll get at least a few really great photos.

You may even want to purchase some disposable cameras or borrow digital ones to hand out to those who agree to take photos.

  • Tell your family that you want even the small moments captured.
  • Ask them to catch your personality on camera.
  • Remind them that you want pictures of the wedding party mainly but a few of guests, such as parents, grandparents, etc.

The great thing about those who know you well taking pictures is that they get you. They know that you love to laugh or that you enjoy children. They will capture that perfect shot of you helping the flower girl buckle her shoe or you laughing with your great-grandmother.

Encourage those taking pictures to capture the wedding theme.
photo of car
Different people will capture different moments and details.
family moments
This cute photo is not posed, but captures a moment in time with different generations that is somehow very precious.
true love
What a beautiful moment of sheer joy between the bride and groom. You just can’t pose a shot like this. Although likely done by a professional photographer, since the background is blurred, many of today’s digital cameras take decent pictures of a similar caliber.
If someone knows you really well, they’ll know that you need a moment of peace and serenity at some point during the festivities. That person may follow you and get a beautiful shot like this one.

Before and After the Wedding

Another idea to save money but still have a few beautiful photos of the bride and groom is to go to a studio either before or after the wedding. Put on your wedding clothes, style your hair, and so on and go into the studio for some photos.

There are many different type of photo studios, from one at JCPenney to a private studio that charges a bit more money or even a photographer that will take you to a location. Still, you’ll likely pay hundreds instead of thousands for a handful of beautiful shots that you can cherish for the rest of your life.

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