Wedding on a Budget Series: Cakes Don’t Have to Cost a Fortune

Wedding on a Budget Series: Cakes Don’t Have to Cost a Fortune

If you’ve priced out the cost of a three-tier (or bigger) wedding cake, then you probably realize the costs of a fancy wedding cake can become quite prohibitive. Keep in mind that a cake is a fleeting thing.

Yes, they are delicious (usually anyway). Yes, you want to give your guests what they expect. Do you really need to spend $1000 to accomplish that?

Display + Sheet Cake for Weddings

One way to save a bundle is to order a beautiful, but small cake for display and then purchase a simple sheet cake to cut and serve guests. Since the price of cakes is based per person, this can save hundreds of dollars.

The guests will be none the wiser because the sheet cake is cut, placed on plates and served just as a regular tiered cake would be.

Candy Bar Vs. Cake

I know you may think I’m crazy, but do you really need a cake at all? Why not offer a candy buffet complete with dark and white chocolate fountains.

You can even cut up pieces of pound cake to dip in the chocolate and thus give people their “cake” fix. If you buy ingredients while on sale and keep the selections to a reasonable number, you’ll save a bit of cash, too.

Ice Cream Sundaes Anyone?

Recently Jessa Duggar served ice cream sundaes at her wedding. If you watch 19 Kids and Counting, then you know that Jessa did her best to create a frugal wedding. She didn’t necessarily want something traditional, though.

Instead of a cake, the family purchased buckets of ice cream and scooped them beforehand into clear plastic cups. They stored in the church freezer. This allowed them to prep for over 1000 guests, save money and time.

Guests could then add toppings, but the Duggars didn’t go crazy and offer 90 different choices. The toppings appeared pretty standard (chocolate sauce, caramel, etc.).

As with most things wedding related, you can often save money by doing it yourself. Think about who in your family makes delicious or beautiful cakes. Phone them and ask them if they will bake you a cake or cakes instead of buying a present.

You’ll save money, they’ll save money and everyone wins in the end.

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