Twilight Night Birthday Party

Twilight Night Birthday Party

My daughter had her sixteenth birthday party this week. Trying to come up with a teen party theme was quite a challenge, but she adores the Twilight books by Stephenie Meyer, so that was an obvious choice. However, my decorating skills, as my homemaking skills leave a lot to be desired. Still, I was really pleased with how the decorations turned out.

Twilight Party Details

  • I purchased two posters for $5 each at Wal-mart and hung them behind the cake table with a Happy Birthday banner.
  • On the snack table, I used a plain black plastic tablecloth. I then took a silver Sharpie and wrote all around the outside edge. I wrote Happy 16th and quotes from the book.
  • In keeping with the colors of the book cover, I used black, white and red. I added red and white balloons (use helium, more on this in a minute).
  • I added apples here there and everywhere, since the original cover has hands holding a bright red apple.
  • For the table centerpieces, I experimented and came up with a cheap but effective look. I used a large red napkin, ripped a page out of a Twilight book (I can hear the gasps of horror) and added a red streamer on which I used the silver Sharpie to write “Happy 16th Birthday, Caitlin!”
  • I actually had two cakes. One cake had the book cover (also ripped off an $8.88 book I purchased at Wal-Mart) and said:
    “I know what you are. You’re ice cold and pale white…”
    “Say it!”
    “Ice cream and cake.”
    Don’t worry. Twilighters get it.

    The second cake was a gorgeous picture cake of Edward and Bella and said Happy 16th, Caitlin. I ordered it from Cakes for Cures at the last possible minute and it arrived just in the nick of time. Thank goodness for quick shipping.

Twilight Party Games

I didn’t plan any games, although I sort of joked about pinning the fangs on Edward. Instead, the kids decided to suck the helium out of the balloons and sing Happy Birthday and record it. Hey! They’re teens and while I don’t recommend sucking on helium, if you put a bunch of teenagers in a room filled with balloons it is certain to happen at some point. The great thing about teens is that they entertain themselves. They also played Rock Band some, but mainly visited, ate, sucked helium and such.

  • Vampires – This game is played just like mafia. Some people will be vampires and others won’t. The goal is to figure out who the vampires are and “stake” them before they get you and turn you into a vampire.
  • Fangs – Turn off all the lights and play a game of sardines. Instead of saying “sardines,” the person who is it says, “fangs” and the people hiding have to hiss like a vampire. 
  • Wink – Pass out cards and have one card say “killer.” Players must sit in a circle and make eye contact with each person. The killer winks at random people. If winked at, the player has to count to five and then dramatically die. Players try to guess who the killer is before they’re “out.”

Almost any game can be easily adapted to a Twilight theme.

Great Memories of Twilight

Overall, the party was a good success. We planned it on a holiday weekend, because it was the only one we had free, which meant a lot of people couldn’t come, but there was still a nice group of friends that got together. This was such a fun time in my girls’ lives. We have a lot of memories surrounding these books and movies. 

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