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Wondering how to clean soap scum from your bathtub? I admit it. I’m not the best at keeping up with the bathroom my two teen daughters use. For one thing, they are 16 and 13 and I always assume (hope) that they are old enough to remove the soap scum buildup and other grungies themselves. This is usually my first mistake, because by the time I notice the layers of grime and soap scum, it is totally out of control.

There are some products on the market that claim to be soap scum cleaners or soap scum removers, but the truth is that some soap scum is so built up that these products barely make a dent. They are more for regular upkeep. That is all good if you are the type of person who cleans out your bathtub every week on Monday at six p.m. central time, but what about us crabby housewives out there? What about those of us who only notice the soap scum when it is disgusting? For us, cleaning soap scum can be a real ordeal. There are a few options that seem to work well.

  1. Bubble Scum Away. One of the most economical and easiest ways to get rid of any grime requires two simple household ingredients that you likely already have on hand – baking soda and vinegar. Remember those simple gradeschool experiments when you learned that combining these two created a bubbly, frothy reaction? That bubbling action can help bubble away built up dirt, making your scrubbing job much easier. Pour the baking soda directly on the soap scum, top with the white vinegar, let sit for ten minutes and scrub. If there is additional soap scum, repeat until it is removed. As an added bonus, this is a natural cleaner that isn’t harmful to yourself, your pets or the environment and is very inexpensive. The ingredients are easy to keep on hand.
  2. Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber. If you’re looking for a commercial product that might help you get rid of soap scum, this simple little tool works wonders. The bubbling, scrubbing solution is already in the pad, which you attach to a short handle. You’ll need to use a little elbow grease, but the combination of the cleaning solution and the scrubbing pad can remove a lot of dirt, grime and soap scum.
  3. Prevention Does Wonders. I’m as guilty of anyone about letting soap scum build up, but the truth is that the single best way to keep from having to scrub soap scum is to clean your tub regularly to prevent buildup.

Whatever your soap scum removal style, one of these is sure to work for you!

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