Snow Days

Snow Shovel
Playing in the snow and then drinking hot cocoa is the stuff of which memories are made...

While many mothers around the country moan and groan when a snow day hits, I actually think it is a wonderful thing both for myself and my kids.

Has anyone else noticed how busy kids are these days? My friends complain about their kindergarten aged children bringing home two hours worth of homework every night. I commiserate with them, but think that they haven’t seen anything yet. Last year, my sixth grader sometimes had as much as four or five hours of homework each night. To make it even worse, much of this homework was just busywork, like coloring in sheets and word searches.

After a long day away from each other, our tired kids slug home on a noisy, crowded school bus, only to have a mound of work waiting for them. No wonder this generation is tired, cranky and sullen half the time. Summer isn’t much of a break these days. Instead of the nice two or three month chunk of time many of us got off for summer, our kids are lucky to sqeaze out six weeks. During that month and a half, we have to cram in family vacation, sports camps and registration for the next school year (don’t even get me started on the cost of “book rental” here locally).

All this hustle and bustle can’t be good for us, our kids or family connections. Or is that the intent? Hmmm…

Anyway, I love snow days because gives us that rare down time without much else to do. We are snowed in and there is no where to go. The kids still have their electronics, but they are forced to slow down and take it easy. There is no homework because it can’t be assigned when they aren’t there to get the assignment. There are no friends to run around with because they are snowed in too. There are no sporting events, open houses, PTA fundraisers, Market Day or other school events to attend. There are no lessons, church is even closed if the whether is bad enough.

Did you get a snow day today? What memories can you build with your family?

  • Make a snowman
  • Have a snowball fight
  • Make snow angels
  • Build a snow fort
  • Cut out paper snowflakes
  • Turn on some music and dance
  • Put in a favorite movie and cuddle on the couch
  • Make homemade soup
  • Fix the kids hot cocoa

Even if you live in sunny Florida or another warm location, isn’t it about time that you and your family took a break from all the hustle and bustle and took a “snow day”? Go ahead. Pretend that you’re snowed in, whether you are or not. Your family memories will thank you when you’re 80.

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