Snow Day! Kentuckiana Parents Need Ideas to Keep Kids Entertained

The December, 2010 winter storm is pounding much of the US under heavy snow, freezing temperatures and heavy winds. Kentuckiana is not being spared from the storm, although snowfall is not nearly as deep as it is in some other states. Local schools around the area are closing, including Jefferson County Public Schools and many school districts in Southern Indiana. With kids home for the day, parents may be wondering how to keep their kids entertained for a day or more. Below are a few ideas.


One of the advantages to a December snow day is that you can use the opportunity to work on Christmas cards, crafts and gifts. Spend the day baking cookies for teachers, making white chocolate covered pretzels, wrapping presents are making out Christmas cards. You’ll find tons of useful ideas for Christmas Crafts at DLTK and Kaboose.


Dust off those old board games to bust the monoteny. Board games are great for family bonding and your child will learn life skills like how to win gracefully and how to not be a sore loser. Years from now, your child will remember the day you played Uno Attacks for four hours straight, drank hot cocoa and listened to Christmas music.


Bring out the creative side in the whole family as you come up with a new story together and then act it out. Use items around the house for costumes and props. If you really want to make a special memory, you can videotape the acting and make a mini movie to share with family and friends. Most computers come with Microsoft Movie Maker, which is an easy way to edit digital video. You can even add opening and closing credits and cut and blend different segments of the movie together.


The very best part of a snow day is playing in the snow. Whether you take the teens snow tubing, build a snow man and woman with the younger kids or have a snowball fight, bundling up and playing outdoors is one of childhood’s greatest pleasures. Okay, let’s face it, playing in the snow is pretty fun for adults too. End the adventure with hot cocoa and watching Christmas movies while cuddled under blankets in the family room.


girl hugging snowy treeThe temperatures in the Kentuckiana area are expected to be extremly cold over the next few days, dipping down below zero at times. Bundle up carefully and spend only short amounts of time outdoors. Very young children, older people and those with health conditions should stay indoors.

Try to remember what made snow days so much fun when you were a child and you’ll have a recipe for the perfect snowy day in Louisville or Southern Indiana.

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