Smooth Moving with Toddler to a New Home

Smooth Moving with Toddler to a New Home

disgusted toddlerAre you planning to move into a new, more spacious apartment or house? What if you have to balance between packing and taking care of your toddler? Fret not, there is no reason to panic. Moving into a new place is always stressful, especially if you have a small child on your hands. Let’s not forget the child is also going through a difficult time when the parents decide to move. To a child of two or three, moving out is equal to having one’s entire life turned upside down. Yet, it is possible to render the process of moving with toddlers less painful for everybody. How? Read on to figure it out!

Visit the New Place

It is of essential importance to make the child understand you are moving to a new place together. Changing houses is more taxing for little ones as they experience greater difficulties adjusting to new environments. We suggest you visit your new home with the kid before you have moved in. Once the child explores the new place and neighborhood, moving will become less stressful.

Ask the Child to Help You Pack

It would be easier for the child to get used to the idea of moving out, if you include them in the preparations for this important transition. As we are dealing with toddlers here, you cannot assign tasks that require any physical exertion. It would be best to ask them to organize their clothing and fold each garment for you to pack into boxes. Another good idea is to ask the child to collect and organize his toys before the move-out.

Stick to Your Routines

Just because you are preparing for a move, it doesn’t mean you have to stop sticking to your usual daily round. On the contrary, you should maintain your old routines as this will reassure the child, making him or her feel more secure. Have your meals at the usual time. If Friday night is game night, let it remain so until you leave your old place for good.

Label when Packing

As we mentioned earlier, balancing between packing and caring for a toddler is rather taxing. To avoid confusion and optimize packing, you should place similar items in separate boxes. For example, the child’s clothing should be placed in one box, and his toys in another. It would be even better if you label each box so that you know what its contents are. This will render unpacking and organization quicker and easier when you finally arrive at your new place.

Clean before You Unpack

It is of essential importance to clean your new living environment before you start unpacking. It would easier and more convenient for you to deep clean if you don’t have to navigate around pieces of furniture. There are two options for you. You can either hire a professional cleaning company like Kilburn Clean Start Cleaning Services to give your new property a thorough clean before you move in or do it yourself. We strongly recommend you choose the former option as deep cleaning while having a toddler around will prove to be a real nightmare.

Make Friends

The transition from your old to your new place will be less testing if both you and the child make some friends in the neighborhood. If the child has an older sibling, ask big brother or sister to show the little one around and take the younger child for a walk in the neighborhood, while you unpack and clean your new home. The toddler will then be able to explore the new environment and become acquainted with his/her peers. This will keep the child engaged while you deal with deep cleaning and furniture assembly.

Following the above-listed tips will surely make for a smooth transition from your old to your new home, even if you have a toddler to deal with in the process. Moving is stressful, true. But let’s not forget how resilient youngsters are. Your toddler will get used to your new house or apartment in next to no time.

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