Small Family Christmas Meal

dinnerIf you have a small family, the thought of what to do for Christmas dinner might have you completely stumped. Fortunately, there are some simple solutions for families of six or less that will still provide you with a few leftovers and can make the day special.

Think Outside the Box

Just because it is Christmas and Aunt Evelyn always had turkey and ham, does not mean that you have to do the same. Get a small turkey or a small ham, but not both. Is there another dish your family truly loves, but you don’t eat often? Christmas dinner is a great time to cook this dish.

Keep it Simple and Make the Events Special

Another idea is to keep the meal simple and make the events of the day special.

  • Cook frozen pizzas and spend the time saved making a snow family in the yard.
  • Go out for Chinese food and take in a movie (most theaters are open on Christmas day.
  • Challenge each family member to make one dish for the meal.
  • Eat a favorite food, such as pot roast, but really dress up the table to make the occasion special.
  • Have a junk food only feast and watch favorite movies.
  • Order take-out the day before and heat it up.
  • Get a ready-made meal from the local grocery store.
  • Go out for a big meal on Christmas Eve and just relax on Christmas Day. (Tip: Go to a buffet where you also order a steak. Eat off the buffet and take your steak home for the next day.)

Give Back

If having a meal of frozen pizzas doesn’t appeal to you, perhaps you could give back in a variety of ways.

  • Serve food at a local homeless shelter.
  • Visit someone in the nursing home who doesn’t have family.
  • Invite a person to your meal who would otherwise be all alone on Christmas. Better yet, invite several someone’s.
  • Host a friend Christmas and invite friends to your gathering. Many families are scattered and don’t always get to spend the holiday together, so this could be a tradition for those who are far from relatives.

There are many ways to celebrate Christmas Day. Be flexible in how you celebrate the occasion. A small family often has the ability to create unique memories that children will remember for the rest of their lives. Think outside the norm, think about the things your family already loves and combine those elements into the perfect holiday tradition.

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