Simple Face Painting Ideas for Kids for Summer Parties

simple face painting ideas
Roar! This little tiger has a simple face painting design.

If you’re looking for simple face painting ideas for kids for your next church event or a birthday party, you’ll find those ideas right here at Crabby Housewife.

Simple Face Painting Ideas

Simple face painting ideas can be a lot of fun. A simple design is one like that on the little girl featured above with her tiger costume and face paint. Simple face painting is usually completed by hand, without the aid of stencils, stamps or airbrushes. It is important to use products created especially for face painting as other items can irritate a child’s tender skin.

Face Painting with Stencils

If you are doing face painting at a school function, birthday party or church event, you might want something a little more uniform and involved. The best way to achieve more advanced looks is with stencils and stamps. Typically, stencils are used in conjunction with an airbrush. There are many airbrushes on the market, including affordable options like the Dinair system. Stencils are available through these manufacturers or through local craft stores and online vendors that sale stencils. You can stick with a simple stencil of a heart or get more advanced stencils that create creature masks.

Unique Face Painting Ideas for Kids

If you can’t afford an airbrush or a lot of stencils, there are still some unique things you can do that will wow the kids whose faces you are painting. Some unique face painting ideas for kids include:

  • Tie dye face painting: Swirl several colors together and paint one half of the face in tie-dye. The other half can be left bare or painted a solid color.
  • Polka dots: Kids love polka dots. A little girl would look adorable with pink and white polka dots gracing her cheeks and forehead.
  • Reverse face painting: Instead of painting the face, paint the lips and eyelids unusual colors. Purple lips and blue eye lids can make quite an impact. Add some fake freckles in colors like blue, green and silver, and you have a truly interesting look.
  • Letters: Borrow from sports fans and draw letters on the child’s forehead or cheeks. You can use letters from the child’s name, his favorite sports team, or her favorite singer.

Think Outside the Box for Face Painting Fun

To really have fun with your face painting, make each design unique to the child getting her face painted. Spend a few minutes learning what her interests are. If you have a piano player in front of you, draw some musical notes on her cheeks. Did you just find the biggest Justin Bieber fan alive? Write lyrics to one of his songs up and down her arms. Think outside the box and you’re sure to be a face painting success.

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