Should you let your teen try out for American Idol?

David Archuleta
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Think your child could be the next David Archuletta and he or she wants to try out for American Idol? There are some things you should consider before letting your teen go to American Idol Auditions, pros and cons.


  • Your child will gain valuable stage experience by trying out in front of judges.
  • Your child may do well and launch an amazing and interesting career.
  • Your teen will be folllowing his dream.
  • The show is fairly clean and free of moral pressures, unlike many reality television shows.


  • If your child does make it into the competition, he or she will head to Hollywood alone.
  • If your teen is still in school, he or she will have to juggle school and American Idol, which is challenging at best.
  • If your child makes it all the way, he will then be faced with the many pressures and moral haziness of Hollywood.
  • The judges might rip your teen to shreds and shatter any self-confidence she has heading into the competition.

You know your child better than anyway, so ultimately, the decision is up to you. Look at the pros and cons and ask yourself if this is in the best interest of your teen.


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