See the Lighted Cross in Southern Indiana – Christmas Sights

lighted crossParents who are looking for ways to put the true meaning of Christmas back into the season will enjoy a drive out to Floyd County to see the 50 foot tall lighted cross that graces the landscape every Christmas and Easter. The cross was put up in the 1950s by Clark County REMC, a local electric company, and looks out over the small town of St. Joseph, Indiana.

Those from the Kentuckiana area are aware of the Knobs area and how it rises above the rolling landscape surrounding its high contours. The location of the cross means that it can be seen for miles around. The 105 100-watt light bulbs and the three 350-watt lamps mean that the cross makes a huge impact on anyone that sees it. Pilots have reported seeing the cross from the sky from as much as 100 miles away.

Finish off the evening by coming home and erecting a smaller version of the cross in your own yard and explain to your children what the cross means to you personally. It will be a moment that your family will never forget and will go in the vault of amazing childhood holiday memories that people keep their entire lives and pass down to their own children.

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