Saving Money on Batteries

Batteries are one of those things that I seem to always spend too much money on. I clip coupons, but $1 off only goes so far. I also combine those coupons with sales. Remember that a coupon is like cash! However, even with that, we seem to run through way more batteries than I’d like. The AA batteries are the ones we use the most often Some of the ways I’ve attempted to save money on them include buying in bulk, buying only when on sale, using rebates and using coupons.

I’ve purchased a few rechargable ones, but they are pretty costly and I often wonder if they really add up to any savings. Then, today, I saw a video on a friend’s Facebook wall and a lightbulb that will save me at least $50 or $60 a year on AA batteries.

Purchase a 6V lantern battery. Take it apart as shown in the video below and you should have 32-AA batteries. Please be sure that the battery says “lantern battery” and understand that you may find a brand that doesn’t use AA batteries inside. Some people have reported their mileage varying on this project. If you find a brand that works, come back here and post, so we can all benefit. I’ll be doing some experimentation with this and posting again soon.

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