Sailing Through Christmas: Getting Organized Guide Part 2 (Decorations)

Christmas Presents
Decorations can be as simple as a pretty, wrapped package.

This article is the second in a series about sailing through Christmas happy and unstressed. Are you the type who bites her nails down to nubs every holiday season? No worries. These quick quides will help make this holiday less stressfull and more enjoyable.

This tip will focus on how to get the house decorated without running your health into the ground or winding up with sore muscles. Here are a few ideas:

  • Keep it simple. When it comes to beautiful, elegant decorations, less really is more. A few twinkle lights in the bushes or a lit up star on your garage will work wonders and take only a few minutes to get in place.
  • Indoors, you can use a simple tree. If you must have the ornaments, let the kids place them. Are you a perfectionist? Leave the room. So what if the bottom of the tree has four times as many ornaments as the top? Most people truly won’t notice and all those bunched up ornaments add a bit of homegrown charm.
  • You absolutely do not need to make your house look like Santa’s sleigh exploded inside. Wrap a pretty present and set it on your mantle along with some hanged stockings. Put up a tree and be done with the decorations.
  • Want to make your house smell good, but don’t have time to bake? Throw some water, a halved orange, cinnamon and nutmug into a crock pot and set it to low. This will make your house smell as though you’ve been baking for hours. Careful, though! Don’t forget to turn the crock pot off after company leaves.
  • Homemade decorations add a nice touch, but who has time? If you have endless hours to string popcorn on thread and cut out snowflakes, by all means do so. Otherwise, buy items on sale and save tons of minutes.
  • Finally, if you absolutely must go all out, get some help decorating. Have a decorating party and get it finished in a single day. Serve egg nog or cider as a treat to your guests. Don’t go overboard here either. Order pizza, if they are there through a meal. Keep it easy, quick and simple and your holiday will flow effortlessly.


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