Renting Movies Online

Okay, maybe I am a little behind the times, but I just realized you can RENT movies online. You can rent or buy. For example, if I want to watch Dirty Dancing, I can hop over to and rent it for 2.99 for a 24 hour period or buy it for 4.99 and download to my computer and a couple of devices.

Now, let me explain how this is going to save me money. Even though I have a Netflix subscription (which I LOVE) and can get one video at a time and stream others instantly, there are times when there is a specific movie I get a hankering to see. I will pop up to Redbox or go to Blockbuster and rent the movie.

This doesn’t cost much–a dollar here, three dollars there. The problem isn’t the cost to rent, it is that I never take them back on time. I almost always owe Blockbuster money and even when I think I took them back on time, they will tell me I didn’t. Personally, I think they make it up half the time or don’t check them in when I drop them off close to cut-off time.

Knowing I can download or stream online just about any movie I want is going to save me a ton of money over time. Bye Bye Blockbuster. There is no need for me to be limited to the movies you want to keep in your store or to pay your late fees ever again. Bye Bye not being able to find the movie I most want to watch, because I have multiple locations to track it down now. Hello, Twenty-First Century.

Crabby Housewife

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