Pre-K Memory Activities

ABC Blocks
Help your child memorize letter sounds.

Pre-Kindergarten students must learn many different facts in preparation for rigorous kindergarten curricula. In addition to knowing facts like name, address and phone number, students must also know numbers, letters of the alphabet and even some of the sounds those letters make. While each state and school district may have slightly different requirements, there are some memory games that can help children learn the basics they’ll need to be prepared for their first day of school.

Letter Sounds

Most Kindergarten classes start students on early reading skills. If your child has an idea of what letter sounds go with what letters, she will have an advantage when learning to read. An easy memory game for pre-K students involves creating flashcards with both letters and animals on each card. Create a flashcard for each letter of the alphabet and include a picture of an animal that starts with that letter. This will help her associate the letters with the sounds.

Counting Bears

Counting is an important skill to learn in preschool. Create matching cards. For example, one side of the card will show three bears, and the other side of the card will have the number three.  The child would count the three bears on the one side and then flip the card over to see the number three and say it out loud.

Dolch Words

Some students by their final year of preschool will have already memorized letter sounds and may have started reading simple words like “cat” or “dog.” If so, you may want to start drilling Dolch words. You can get a complete list of the Dolch words your child needs to know by sight online. Create a hopscotch game by taking pieces of contruction paper and writing the words on them. Tape the papers onto a solid surface, such as a kitchen floor or garage floor, face up with a small piece of masking tape on the back side. Have the student roll a die. If she rolls a two, she will need to hop to the second piece of paper, saying each word as she lands on it.

Matching Game Fun

Your child can learn the concept for just about anything with a matching memory game. Vegetables, fruits, weather patterns, colors and even months of the year can be learned. Simply create two of each picture on a 3-by-5-inch index card. List the word at the top with a picture below and allow your child to play with the cards as a matching game. You can also print memory games at ABC Teach and Family Fun.

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