What Parents Need to Know about 4/20 Celebrations

What Parents Need to Know about 4/20 Celebrations

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve likely seen the posts over the last several years about 4/20. The topic is trending today on Twitter, kids post pictures of weed and the movie about the Teddy bear named “Ted” used the tie in to market an upcoming movie with the hashtag #LegalizeTed.

What Parents Should Know

First, be aware of what it is. Basically, the day is about smoking pot. Whether you are for or against legalizing marijuana, most people who are rational are against their children partaking of a substance that alters thinking and may result in poor decision making.

Talk to Your Kids about 4/20

Take the time to talk to your preteen and teen kids about this day. Don’t just assume they think it is okay. Ask them if they know what it is and what they think about it and then take the time to listen.

  • You should share your thoughts about 4/20
  • You should be aware of whether your child has tried drugs or is thinking about it
  • You should have a frank conversation about your concerns

My Stance

I am not for marijuana usage. I’m still deciding about medical marijuana in the form of a prescription pill. The truth is that there is still a lot of research to be done on it as a medication. There are other medications available for pain for those suffering from fatal illnesses, but some of them do have pretty harsh side effects. Time will tell on this.

I have no desire to move to Colorado. I don’t want my children using it as it can be a gateway to other drugs. I’m sure that comment will create a firestorm as those for legalizing marijuana believe it is not a gateway drug. However, I believe anything you put in your body that alters your perceptions and loosens your inhibitions can lead to a downward spiral. I don’t even like to take an aspirin unless I have to and I’m extremely cautious with alcohol as alcoholism runs in my family a couple of generations back.

I’m Calling for 4/21 Day

I saw a funny post on Facebook that said “4/21 – Random Drug Test Day”. I think this is brilliant and if I were an employer, I would definitely choose this day for drug tests.

What are your thoughts? Do you have a rational argument for this? Post in the comments below.

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