When You Mess Up Low Carb

When You Mess Up Low Carb

Two days ago, I asked you to all join me on a three-day journey to induct back into low carb. I messed up already. Did any of you? There, I’m human. Hubby wanted to try the new Little Caesar’s deep dish pizza and even though I told myself I wouldn’t have any, I gobbled two slices down. I barely even feel guilty. In fact, my biggest concern was that I knew I had to come here and admit what I’d done. Have you been there?

What To Do When You Fail

First of all, it isn’t really a failure. It is a setback. During the first half of this weight loss journey, I learned that I can’t think in terms of failing or succeeding. Otherwise, it turns into a week-long binge and a “I’ll restart on Monday” kind of journey. This sets me up for failure after failure. Instead, I try to get back on track IMMEDIATELY.

I will eat some cheese and about an ounce of almonds before bed. This will help me reset my blood sugar and some of those cravings. I’m not starting again tomorrow, I am starting now.


Even though I am restarting immediately, it is going to be back to Day 1 for me. I may have to go through the process a couple of times, but once I get through those first three days, I know my willpower is amazing. I have to decarb and it isn’t easy, especially in a house filled with fellow carb lovers.

Won’t you stick with me as I battle carbs? I’m not perfect and I bet you aren’t either. However, together, supporting each other, we can do this!

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