Melissa Rycroft engaged, jilted and then dancing with the stars

Melissa Rycroft engaged, jilted and then dancing with the stars
Melissa Rycroft
Melissa Rycroft, ABC

Grab a cup of coffee for your celebrity update mom break–first Melissa Rycroft was engaged to Bachelor Jason Mesnick. Although she was jilted in reality weeks later, the audience watched the proposal with excitement only moments later to see Jason dump Melissa on national television. It was obvious she was hurt, confused and a little angry. Moms across the nation unwind after a busy day by watching The Bachelor and dreaming about fairy tale romances where there are no dirty diapers to change or piles of laundry to sort through. Over the weeks, we fell in love with this cute and perky, but tenderhearted former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

Melissa Rycroft Gets Jilted

Women around the globe cheered when she handed jerk Jason’s ring back and told him to get lost forever. Others thought to themselves that she really should have kept the ring.

It was moments later that Molly trounced on stage. Most people assume she and Jason were likely in contact throughout the weeks between the final rose ceremony and this moment. He confessed his adoration for her, she acted shocked and then they proceeded to make out while everyone across America threw up over the display. Ick!

Team Melissa Rycroft

Very few people are cheering on the relationship between Jason and Molly. In fact, most will likely cheer when it doesn’t work out and consider it poetic justice. However, after seeing Melissa Rycroft engaged, then seeing Melissa Rycroft jilted, most women are interested in what will happen to Melissa. How will she recover? Will she be on a future episode of The Bachelorette?

It seems that we’ll get to see her smiling face again on Dancing With The Stars. Melissa replaces Nancy O’Dell, an injured dancer. She practiced for a mere two days before appearing on the show and dazzling the judges and all of America. Her performance made us all realize that she is much more than just a cute, sweet Bachelor contestant.

This girl’s got talent! We can’t help but wonder if Jason is regretting his newest decision and having another change of heart. But, we all hope that Melissa’s mother has taught her daughter to run from men like him. It will be interesting to see how far Melissa goes.

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