Maya’s Franklin Adventure

Maya’s Franklin Adventure

Many of you probably know that we have a family member named Maya. Maya is an eight-year-old miniature dachshund (black and tan). My oldest daughter attends Franklin College and was feeling a little homesick for her dog.

Maya and I headed up I-65 North. Road trip means Maya gets French fries, so we made a stop at McDonald’s and split a small fry. Maya doesn’t like anyone eating her fries, so she fussed at me every time I ate one.

When we got to Franklin, it was a new place, new people, and new things. She was scared of the Ben Franklin statutes around campus.

We got to visit with Caitlin in her new office as The Franklin’s executive editor. She met some of Caitlin’s staff, most of whom she was shy with, and had some Jack’s Pizza. We don’t have Jack’s in southern Indiana, but Maya gave the pizza two paws up.

Needless to say, after walking all around campus and meeting so many new people, she was completely exhausted. She’s been sound asleep since we got home.

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