Loud People Annoy Me

Loud People Annoy Me

Perhaps it is because my mother is soft-spoken and I was raised in a quiet household, but loud people annoy me. I’ll just admit it here and now that loud adults and loud children get on my nerves. You can spoil my meal out faster than a tainted piece of chicken.

I’ve found there are several types of loud people.

The Restaurant Cackler

There is always that one woman when you’re trying to have a nice meal out who is cackling with laughter and practically shouting at her dining companions.

Perhaps she just needs a bit more attention than the rest of us and being loud is the way she’s discovered she can get it. I guess this works for them if they don’t mind attention being irritated glances and sighs thrown their way.

The other day, my daughter and I went out to dinner together. I was looking forward to catching up with her now that she is working, has school and has a busy 18-year-old life. There was a group of women sitting across from us and there was that “one” person in their group who was so loud we kept getting distracted with her conversation.

Then, there were the intermittent cackles of laughter screeching through the air. I’m not a Jewish woman, but “Oy Vey!”

Cell Phone Sharers

Then, there are the people who have very heated conversations on their cell phones for all to hear. Here is a hint: We can all hear you. The cell phone is not a cloaking device that makes you invisible and silent. Now, everyone in the grocery checkout line knows that your boyfriend cancelled your date. We also understand how angry you are about it from the language you launched his way that landed in our ears as well.

I have noticed that people who don’t mind sharing private conversations in public while talking on their cells seem to also share these conversations at top volume. Perhaps they like attention too?

Keep sharing, people. You are giving me more material for future books than you’ll ever know.

Funeral Attention Seeker

Have you ever noticed how there is always that one person at the funeral that you can hear from the time you enter the establishment, all the way in the back where the family gathers for snacks and throughout the event?

Personally, I have always felt the attention should be on those hurting from the loss of their loved one. There is just always that person who has to laugh loud, talk loud, shout when she sees her third cousin twice removed and make sure everyone knows she is there.

I’ve noticed this person also tends to sob loudly throughout the actual funeral service (even if she didn’t know the person well) and approach the family with tears streaming down her face after, sobbing and carrying on.

Who knows – maybe this person is simply someone who feels things more deeply than the rest and she doesn’t know how to hide it. I’ve always suspected this person just wants some of the limelight, though. Yes, she may very well be competing with a grieving family for the attention. Think about that for a moment.

Child with an Outdoor Voice

I love most little kids, I really do. They are cute and funny and bright. They are so innocent in the way they see the world. Then, there are “those” kids. You know the ones I’m talking about. They are the ones that make you wonder why anyone ever reproduces.

I taught my children that there was a little thing called an inside voice. It would be nice if others would teach this to their kids as well. Yes, your kids are cute, but they are still annoying.

Their parents think they are hilarious and thus never correct them. This is the kid who:

  • Runs up and screams in your ear at the school ball game.
  • Keeps crawling under your table at the restaurant while screaming loudly.
  • Throws a fit in the store at about eight years old. Instead of taking the child and leaving, Mom just ignores the fit and allows everyone to deal with it.
  • Talks all the way through the movie in a very loud and distracting voice.

How to Deal with Loud People

There are so many option to dealing with obnoxiously loud people.

  • Throw disapproving glares their way, all of which they will ignore.
  • Mock them by cackling and laughing loudly.
  • Tell them to “shut up.”
  • Explain to them that you are a quiet person and they are getting on your last nerve.
  • Wear noise cancelling earmuffs everywhere you go.
  • Clap your hands over your ears and scream, “Ow! You are so LOUD! You’re hurting my brain.”

Of course, if you want to avoid fights and confrontations, you’re probably better off putting as much distance between yourself and the loud person as possible and not giving her behavior more attention.

If You Are a Loud Person

If you are a loud person, understand that quiet people really do want to get along with you. In a way, we admire that you’re able to make your voice boom like that and with apparently so little effort.

However, also understand that some of us don’t like those loud booms. They jolt us, scare us and then annoy us. More than likely you know at least one of the loud people mentioned above. If you don’t know one, you might be one. Please help us quiet people keep our sanity and just shh!

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