So Long, Boring Plain Rides. Hello, Luxury Airfare

So Long, Boring Plain Rides. Hello, Luxury Airfare

If you’ve seen one airplane interior, then you’ve seen them all. Right? There are only so many ways you can arrange seats and so many types of materials you can use to cover them, after all. Except that engineers are finding newer and smarter ways to design the inside of private jets for maximum comfort with a dash or two of style.

Smart Design Ideas

Those who love cutting edge designs for airplane interiors find plenty of inspiration each year at the Aircraft Interiors Expo, and the March expo in Hamburg Germany was no exception to this rule. Designers and airplane engineers came together to share ideas of innovative ways even the smallest interior cabins can be improved through the combination of new technology and excellent design.

Displays included examples that will have your lusting after a new private jet, such as:

  • Built-in mood lighting in ceiling panels
  • House-style window seat cubbies
  • Cabin moisture optimization systems
  • LCD screens built into seat backs
  • Living room style seating

Business Class Cabin Ideas

One example of design was presented by C&D Zodiac. This company won a Crystal Cabin Award for their idea, which is a business class cabin with many unique features, such as:

  • Private overhead bin for each seat
  • Rows zigzag for faster seating and more leg room
  • Boarding is faster because of the zigzag pattern
  • Ability to spin seats to face one another and have a conference while in-flight
  • Ability to speak with one other business colleague to work on a project while in-flight

Another business design that is similar but adds another level of ability to chat with a business colleague was presented by Zodiac Aerospace. Zodiac utilizes the space above to store an extra seat. The seat folds down easily so a companion can sit straight across for a quick pow-wow.

Easy Clothing Changes

One issue in both small and large airplanes is the lack of space in onboard lavatories. For business travelers, who often desire to dress comfortably for the flight and change into more formal clothes for a meeting, the lack of space in these bathrooms is challenging. In order to make on board changes quicker and easier, Diehl Aircabin added a changing room to the entryway of the aircraft. The room is temporary, meaning it can be removed for boarding and put into place during flight for passengers to use.
Other Considerations

Break-out sessions by presenters like Jose Rui Marcelino of Almadesign focused on ideas like:

  • Passenger comfort
  • Ability to connect electronically while onboard
  • Dinner lounge for socialization opportunities
  • On demand snacks and drinks
  • Adding more hospitality experiences

The bottom line? Utilizing a professional aircraft design company and engineers can result in a flying experience that rivals every other out there. Even if only a few of the elements seen at the expo are incorporated into a plane, they can have maximum impact.

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