Abraham Lincoln Statue Dedication Coming to Waterfront Park, Louisville

Abraham Lincoln Statue Dedication Coming to Waterfront Park, Louisville
Waterfront park
Waterfront Park

Arial image of Louisville’s Waterfront Park, where the Lincoln statue will reside.

On June 4th, a Lincoln statue dedication is coming to Waterfront Park in Louisville, Kentucky. The event is planned for sunset. The Lincoln statue is around twelve feet in height and was made in Baltimore, Maryland by New Arts Foundry. The design is by local sculptor and artist Ed Hamilton.

Abraham Lincoln Statue

The statue is an image of Lincoln in his later years, around age forty. He has one arm extended in greeting and the other is holding one of his favorite pasttimes, a book. One can almost imagine that they have caught Lincoln reading a really good novel, but with his warm nature, he has laid the book to his knee and extended his hand in greeting.

The Lincoln statue is made of bronze. The statue is seated on a stone designed by local sculptor Forest Boone and weighs a whopping 20,000 pounds. President Obama was invited to attend the dedication, but has sent his regrets that he will not be able to attend.

Ceremony to Dedicate Abraham Lincoln Statue

Thousands of people are expected at the 8:45 dedication where many of Lincoln’s favorite trees have been planted on the lawns surrounding the statue. There will be free bottled water and an orchestra at the dedication. The Kentucky History Mobile is also expected to be present at the event. The budget for the project was about $2.2 million.

Expect to arrive early to find parking and to locate seating. The new ampitheater will likely come in handy, but you’ll want to go prepared with blankets and items to entertain your children as they see the dedication of the Lincoln statue. This is also a good time to review Civil War history, leading up to attending the event, so your children understand the importance of Lincoln’s legacy.



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