Leftover Carousel

Leftover Carousel

At this point in my week, I typically have a few leftovers accumulating. Recently, I realized just how much food I throw out in a week. It is simply wasteful and with food expenses rising every month, I can’t justify it. We won’t even get into people in the world who are starving, because that is yet another reason to stop all the wastefulness. To combat this problem, I am implementing a meal called the “Carousel”.

How to Use Leftovers in a Fun Way

A lazy susan is a fun way to serve leftovers. Basically, any small containers, such as little measuring dishes or even tea cups can create an interesting array of foods from which the family can choose. It will require a little more thought and work than just heating and eating, but more of the leftovers will get used. Ideas to fill your carousel of foods:

  • One Chicken Breast – slice into thin strips. Spread cream cheese on a low carb tortilla, add the chicken strips and some bell pepper slices. Roll into a tight wrap and slice into circles. Use toothpicks to hold in place if necessary. You now have chicken pinwheels.
  • 1/2 Cup of Fruit – put each piece of fruit on a toothpick and display as hors d’oeuvres. You can also serve with chocolate dipping sauce (sugar free, of course)
  • Green beans – Roll in almond meal and fry them for a fried treat
  • Salad, but not enough for the family – Who says we need a huge salad? Use as a garnish or create tiny salads gourmet style. Add more veggies to round out the salad.
  • 2 Hot Dogs – Again, this isn’t enough to feed everyone, but what if you cut them into pieces, put them on toothpicks and served with some mustard dips? Combine with the other leftovers and you almost have a meal.
  • 2 Grilled Burgers – Go ahead and put them on buns and then slice the burgers into fourths. You now have 8 mini-burger triangles that the family can dress however they’d like.

You probably see where I’m going with this. Stop throwing all that food away. Make a commitment with me today to save money and stop being wasteful with food. If you save enough, help out your local food pantry with a donation or send a portion of the money to a worthwhile organization.

Remember that a meal doesn’t have to always be a huge endeavor. It is fine to let everyone snack in this way and can be quite satisfying, especially if you have a nice collection of leftovers.

Interesting Fact: If you make leftovers fun and name them after an amusement park ride, kids will actually eat them.

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