Last Minute Louisville Christmas Events

ChristmasIf you’re looking for some last minute Christmas fun for your family, then you can find plenty to do in and around Louisville, Kentucky.


Christmas in Charlestown

For families on a budget, driving around and looking at light displays can be a fairly cost effective solution. Of course, with the cost of gas being what it is, this may or may not be the best option for you. If you are interested in bundling the little ones in the car and going on a Christmas sight hunt, you’ll want to head across the river to Charlestown, Indiana. There you’ll find a wonderful light display on the square. The light show is animated and people rave about the experience. If you don’t mind spending just a little money and you want to get out of your car, there are also horse drawn carriage rides. You can visit Santa’s Workshop, where your children can make various arts and crafts and top the evening off with a cup of hot cocoa or hot apple cider.

KaLightoscope Christmas

The Galt House puts on this light show and also has many interesting features during the holidays. There is a dinner show available, Christmas shopping, a gingerbread village that is human size and events with Santa. KaLightoscope. The cost is about 18.00 to see the light show or $60 for the dinner show. There price is the same for all ages.

Derby Dinner Playhouse

Derby Dinner features dinner and a play. During the holiday season, the playhouse puts on various holiday shows. This year the show is Plaid Tidings, but this varies year to year and based on the season. One of the best values are the daytime children’s shows. These shows typically do not include a meal, but are as reasonable as about $10. Groups can get a bigger discount.

Lights Under Louisville

If you’ve not had a chance to see the man-made Mega Cavern, you’ll want to take your car and drive through this holiday light show. It is the only underground light show of its kind in the world. The cavern is so large that you could even drive a bus into it. Plan to spend at least 30 to 40 minutes seeing the different lighted sculptures. For the best experience, roll down your windows so you can also hear the Christmas music playing. It runs $25 for a normal size car, so pack it full of kids and cousins to really get your money’s worth. Also, if you stop at the Wendy’s on the corner, you can get a $5 off coupon.

Unique Ideas

If none of the above ideas appeal to you, you might want to come up with your own holiday tradition. Visit the Louisville public library and gather up some children’s books on Christmas. Create a play with kids in the neighborhood and put on a show for your neighbors. Go Christmas caroling with a group of friends. If Louisville doesn’t offer want you want for your Christmas, perhaps you can start a new Louisville tradition that others can benefit from.
Merry Christmas and enjoy the sights!

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