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As you all know, I love to save money. There is a Kohl’s deal going on right now that offers great savings. First, there are many items on clearance. For example, my daughter has to have white, no show footies for cheerleading competitions. These are hard to find and expensive. Normally, a 3-pack runs about $10. I’ve been holding out and waiting for these to go on sale, since she currently only has one pair. I was able to go online and score a pack of 3 for $6.99 on clearance.

I also found fuzzy socks, which I love to give as stocking stuffers and with gift cards to friends and teachers/coaches, for only $3.99 for a 2-pack. What a fabulous deal.

I then used a 20% off code I was sent in the mail, but which should work for anyone: SECRETSANTA

I was not quite to the minimum for free shipping, but that was okay, because I had a code for that as well: XMASFREE

On top of that, I went through Ebates, so I should also receive another 4% back eventually. This was a great deal and knocked several items off my Christmas shopping list without me ever having to leave my home. I love ordering online and the only thing that holds me back is paying for shipping. When I can score free shipping, it is almost always a better value to shop online.

These particular codes are only good through midnight 12/11/2011. Don’t worry if you missed it, though. Kohl’s always has a deal going on. Sign up for their mailing list and wait for the next one to come down the cyber-pike.

Kohl's deal receipt
The receipt of the deals I scored with personal info blacked out.
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