How to Clean: Is a Toothbrush the Sanitizer of Your Dreams?

How to Clean: Is a Toothbrush the Sanitizer of Your Dreams?

I am in love with my toothbrush. You heard me right. No, not just any toothbrush, but my old toothbrush. The one I just replaced with a fancy new (free from the dentist) model. My old, red toothbrush with the frayed edges that served me so well and kept my teeth clean and cavity free. If you want to know how to clean like a professional, your toothbrush is always the answer.

Toothbrushes are great at getting into small spaces.
Toothbrushes are great at getting into small spaces.

You are probably wondering why anyone would love a toothbrush. A toothbrush can’t really love you back. It only serves a few purposes. It doesn’t last forever. It won’t hug you or kiss you or even tell you that you look pretty.

How to Clean

However, a toothbrush will get makeup off your dashboard when your foundation explodes all over your car. A toothbrush will help you get down in those tiny corners on your refrigerator where the ice and water dispenser collects “gunk”. Ick! Here are just a few of the ways I use a toothbrush in addition to using one to clean out my car today:

  • Scrubbing around the outside lip of my kitchen sink and around the head of the faucet.
  • Scrubbing the corners of the linoleum floor.
  • Cleaning my dog’s teeth (I use a cheap soft toothbrush for this).
  • Polishing jewelry.
  • Getting the corners of my shower.
  • A soft (not wet) toothbrush to clean out my computer keyboard.
  • Cleaning the grunge off my electric can opener.
  • Cleaning out the bottom part of my back patio sliding door.
  • Cleaning out my garlic press when the tiny pieces of garlic get stuck.
  • Cleaning the soles of tennis shoes (great for really scrubbing).
  • Making my girls’ bracelets (more on this below).

How to Clean Like a Professional with a Toothbrush

It might be a good idea to get a black Sharpie marker and write what you are using the toothbrush for on the handle. It wouldn’t be so great to clean grunge from around the toilet and then use the toothbrush to clean out your garlic press. Ick!

Teens love unusual things. It is fun to take a toothbrush that is in decent shape (the plastic manual toothbrushes) heat on a baking tray in an oven set to 250 degrees. Let the plastic soften (usually 5 to 10 minutes) and then carefully (use oven mitts!) bend the plastic around something round, such as an old soup can. They make unique bangle bracelets. Fun for gifts too!

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