Ideas for Presentations for Family Reunions

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Build new memories at this year's family reunion.

Fill your next family reunion with one or more presentations to mark those who’ve passed on, happy memories or family milestones. Presentations can take different forms. Whether you choose to have a few speakers present their memories of special moments or you create a more formal presentation may depend upon your reunion’s venue. An indoor reunion will allow for presentations like Power Point or videos, while an outdoor venue may limit you to methods that don’t require a power source.

Presentations for Family Reunions

Picture Video

If your family reunion is indoors, you may want to set up a television or a projector screen and show a picture video. Videos can be created on just about any computer with programs like Roxio and Microsoft Movie Maker. Movie Maker may already be installed on your computer. With these simple programs, you input the photographs and video clips you want to include, arrange them in the order you’d like, add text and music and save it all into a video format that plays with a simple click of a button.

Power Point Presentation

A Power Point presentation is also good for an indoor family reunion, but works more like a slide show. You can also add slides with text or quotes from family members as well as photographs. Someone will need to start the slideshow and click through the different slides, especially if there will be a speaker explaining the different pictures.

Display Table

Display tables work well at both outdoor and indoor reunions. A display table might hold family photo albums and mementos of different family members. Still have Cousin Fred’s baseball from the winning championship game in 1949? Go ahead and put it on display along with a card explaining how he hit the final home run. The best way to set up a display is to ask each branch of the family if there is anything they’d like to include. For particularly large families, you may need to choose a theme, like first birthdays, those who’ve passed on, or funniest moments.


Oral presentations can create a lot of interest. Plan ahead and ask a few people to stand up and share a special memory about someone else in the family. Once the volunteers have shared, invite others to come up and say what they’d like. The volunteers will get things started, but others will likely stand up and share special memories and funny stories. If the family reunion falls near a birthday, you could focus all the speeches around that person’s birthday. Another option is to choose the oldest and youngest family members and have others say a few words about them.


Does your family have a special moment or funny memory that people talk about every time you get together? Why not reenact it? Choose a few family members who are known hams and explain that you want them to reenact the moment and to really play it up. Everyone is certain to laugh and remember the reunion for years to come.

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