Ideas for Indoor Toddler Activities

Ideas for Indoor Toddler Activities
Toddler painting
Water paints are inexpensive and fun!

The long, dreary days of winter are challenging for parents with young children, so you’re probably looking for unique ideas for indoor toddler activities. There are tried and true activities like water paints and Play-Doh, but there are also some fun games and activities for you and your toddler.

Tried and True Ideas for Indoor Toddler Activities

There are some tried and true ideas that parents pull out of their arsenal for indoor activities. While you may have done these as a child yourself or have them stored in your game database, the list below will jog your memory and remind you how much fun these activities are:

  • Watercoloring: Spread a tarp on the floor and lay out some big sheets of paper. Add a glass of water, small paint brush and inexpensive water color paint and you have a recipe for pure fun.
  • Finger Paints: Finger paints are messy and that’s why kids love them. Spread some trash bags out on the kitchen table and let your child go to town.
  • Play-Doh: Play-Doh is very versatile. Not only can kids use their imaginations to mold various forms, but there are numerous kits that can be purchased that are everything from a hair cutting salon to fast food creators.
  • Modeling Clay: Modeling clay is fun to mold into shapes. If you purchase the kind that hardens (by air or in the oven), you can allow it to dry completely, let your child paint it and turn it into a keepsake.
  • Board Games: Pull out some childhood favorites. Try Monopoly, Candy Land, Cooties and Break the Ice.
  • Tea Party: Have a tea party. Get out the good china, make little treats and Kool-aid. Gather all the stuffed animals and dolls you can find and party it up.

Additional Ideas You Might Not Have Thought Of

Here are some more ideas for indoor toddler activities that you might not have considered, but that toddlers truly love:

  • Bring Summer Indoors: Bring summer inside by pulling a kiddy pool into your living room (you may want to spread a tarp to protect the floor from splashes. Turn the heat inside up to 78 and let your child splash around all day. Please supervise at all times and if you cannot supervise you should empty the pool and put it back outside or in storage.
  • Indoor Camp Out: Few things are as much fun as camp outs. Why not bring the camp inside? Put a small tent up in the living room. Make smores in the microwave. Have a pretend campfire. Party supply stores often sale fake fires that are perfect for this. A light and small fan will make paper stream up and look like fire.
  • Sing Songs: Toddlers love music. Spend some time singing favorite songs like “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “The Wheels on the Bus”.
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