Ideas That Help Children Lose Weight Without Gyms

Ideas That Help Children Lose Weight Without Gyms

If you’re worried about your child’s weight, there are some simple things you can implement that will help your child get slimmer. Learn how to help your child lose weight.

Concerns about childhood obesity are in the headlines, talked about at school and on the minds of many parents. There is a fine line between helping your child lose weight and putting so much focus and concern on the issue that the child develops an eating disorder. Losing weight should be fun and stress-free.

Get the Junk Out

Clean out your pantry. If your pantry is filled with Twinkies and potato chips, your first step should be to rid your home of these snack foods. While depriving a child of treats indefinitely will only lead to overeating later, keeping healthier snacks can help the child develop good habits that will last a lifetime. Replace sweets with fruits or sugar free varieties. Replace potato chips with something lower fat, such as homemade, whole wheat pretzels.

Get Off the Couch

Today’s youth are an electronic generation. They are familiar with MySpace, FaceBook, computers, Nintendo DS, iPhones and every other electronic gadget imaginable. The problem is that all of these gadgets are used while sitting down. Make an effort as a family to do at least one physical activity per day. You may want to start with something familiar, such Wii Fit which goes with the Nintendo Wii video system, but gets everyone in the family moving. Bowling can be great exercise and loads of fun! Join a group. Join an active group. Kids today are social. Try to find a youth group that likes to go hiking, bowling and lots of other activities that get the kids moving. Another option is to have your child join in team sports. There are many different sports available, including cheerleading, basketball, soccer, tennis and even golf. Since kids do enjoy socializing, a group will make your child more likely to want to participate.

  • Try to choose activities that your child will enjoy. If you have a daughter who absolutely hates bugs, hiking in the woods may not be the right activity. Instead, choose indoor activities, such as rock wall climbing or bowling.
  • Any physical activity changes should be approved by your child’s physician. The doctor can also track the child’s weight, give you healthy ranges for his or her height and make additional suggestions for a healthier family life.

Proceed with Caution

Be careful about how you approach weight loss issues. Some children are more sensitive than others and the last thing any parents wants is to create eating disorder issues. Instead, focus on being healthy and the weight loss should result from these positive changes.

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