Ice Cream Cake Recipe with Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice Cream Cake Recipe with Ice Cream Sandwich

If you’re thinking about buying an ice cream cake, try this ice cream sandwich cake recipe first. I promise that it was easy to put together. No cooking skill is required. I estimate it was about 50% cheaper than a Dairy Queen ice cream cake. This can mean big savings if you celebrate a lot of birthdays and holidays with frozen cakes.

Now, the “ice cream sandwich cake” has been around for a long time. Maybe even decades. I’m not the first person to think of making a stacked cake out of them. However, I did create a little variety with this recipe and my hope is that you’ll try out some different flavors, fillings and ideas for your own ice cream sandwich cake recipes and then share them with Crabby Housewife readers by commenting below.

Keep in mind that any ingredients you use need to freeze well. Also, this cake is best when eaten within a few days. However, you really won’t have to worry about that. This one got devoured in a single day.

Ice Cream Cake Recipe with Ice Cream Sandwich
Author: Crabby Housewife
  • 18 ice cream sandwiches I used Blue Bunny birthday cake flavor
  • 2 tubs extra creamy Cool Whip
  • 1 small box instant vanilla pudding or flavor of your choice
  • 1 can buttercream icing
  • 1 red gel food coloring
  • 1 blue gel food coloring
  • 1 flat serving tray I got mine at the dollar store in the party section
  1. Place six ice cream sandwiches on tray. Two up and three across.
  2. Cover top of layer with one half of the Cool Whip/pudding mixture.
  3. Layer six more ice cream sandwiches on top.
  4. Cover with the remaining Cool Whip/pudding mixture.
  5. Layer six more ice cream sandwiches on top for final layer.
  6. Cover entire cake with the second tub of cool whip.
  7. Place cake in freezer for an hour.
  8. Pipe buttercream around the edges (you can color the buttercream like I did). I just used a large zip top bag, cut one of the bottom corners and did a very simple straight piping. You can get fancier if you own tips and pastry bags.
  9. Add sprinkles.
  10. Cover and freeze until ready to serve.


ice cream cakeThere are many different things you could do with this recipe. The most popular version of this recipe is simply layers of chocolate cookies with vanilla ice cream and caramel in the middle.

  • Try different flavors of pudding. The combinations are truly endless.
  • Try only Cool Whip between layers.
  • Add flavoring to the icing.
  • Instead of sprinkles, use shaved chocolate, strawberries or sugar crystals.

I’m going to have fun experimenting with this recipe. This first one was a hit and didn’t even last a day in our household. Keep in mind that it is best if eaten within a few days, because the buttercream icing and Cool Whip will start to harden and crack over time.

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