Homemade Halloween Costumes

Use your imagination and things around the house to
come up with a unique and colorful costume like the
one above.

Kids love trick or treating, costume contests and the general fun of Halloween, but today’s commercial costumes can put a real dent in your pocketbook. How can you make sure your child has an interesting outfit, while not breaking the bank? There are many homemade costumes you can try that will be the hit of the party. Here are just a few favorites:

  • Static Cling
    This is a very inexpensive costume and you can likely use things you already have around the house to create it. Wear all black or all white. Use safety pins to attach items like dryer sheets, socks, washcloths and other items that might be picked up from static cling. Then, tease your hair straight up in the air and spray it with a firm holding spray.
  • Christmas in October
    Just because winter hasn’t hit doesn’t mean you can’t get in the mood for the season. Why not pull out your Santa suit or create a snowman costume? Use white sweats, big black buttons down the sweatshirt and a fake carrot nose (available at many party supply stores or online). A black top hat, scarf and pipe completes the image.
  • Butterfly
    A butterfly or ladybug costume is very easy to create. Wear all black and create the wings from material or cardboard you have on hand. Attach pipe cleaners curled over (or with pom poms on the ends) to a headband and you’re ready to go. Simple, easy and cheap
  • Hobos and Hippies
    Your local thrift store should have a wealth of materials and costume ideas at an inexpensive price. Hobos and hippies are popular costumes. For a hobo, buy a large plaid shirt, baggy pants and old hat. Create a napsack out of a red handkerchief (you need a large one) and attach to a pole or stick you can sling over your shoulder. For a hippy costume, look for vintage clothing, such as bell bottom jeans and tie-dyed shirts. Add a scarf around your head, paint smiley faces and peace symbols all over the pants and try to find platform shoes. Walk around saying peace to everyone.
  • Nerd
    You can likely create a nerd costume from items around your home. You may have to buy some cheap black rimmed glasses from the thrift store or local costume store. Wear pants that are a little too short and pull them up high on your waist. Add a plain white button up shirt and button it crooked. Leave one side hanging out and the other tucked in. Add suspenders if you’d like. Tape the black rimmed glasses in the center with masking tape and slick your hair back with styling gel. If the shirt has a pocket, add some pens.

The only limit to the costumes you can create is your imagination. With a little thought and planning, you can come up with a costume your kids will love and be happy to wear this season.



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