Hairstyle Guide: How-to Roll a Bun with a Sock

Hairstyle Guide: How-to Roll a Bun with a Sock
Have you ever wondered how to get a perfect bun? Well there’s a funny trick to it that you wouldn’t expect.
Ballerinas always seem to have the most beautiful, elegant, clean buns. Have you noticed how they’ve seemed to stay up perfectly also? They seem so difficult to achieve but in reality they couldn’t be easier!
There are a few simple supplies that you’ll need before you begin.

Hairstyle Supplies for a Bun

1. A good hair wax or gel like substance. I prefer to use Herbal Essences hair texturizing wax
2. A sock. Preferably one that’s not knee high, but not ankle low
3. A hair elastic band and a teasing comb
4. A few bobby pins.

Directions Roll a Bun with a Sock

For this bun hairstyle,  you’re going to take a pinch of wax and warm it up in your hands. Brush your hair back to where you have no part. Spread the wax evenly throughout your hair and then distribute it out with your brush.
Then, you will need to pull your hair into a high or low pony tail. How ever high you want the bun is however high you need the ponytail. After you have secured it, take the end of the teasing comb (The part without the bristles) and gently pull up on your hair to create some volume.
Gently brush it down not removing the volume but keeping it clean. Then you’ll need to take your sock and cut off the end starting at the heel.
Roll it up to where it looks like a donut. Take your newly made donut and pull the tips of your hair through. You’ll need to tuck the ends underneath and take your fingers and stick them inside of your hair and sock bun.
Start to flip it towards your head. (If you don’t understand, there is a YouTube video below.) Do this until you have reached your head.
Once you’re finished with that you might have a few strands left. Just take them and pull them under the bun and pin them away with some bobby pins.
It may take a few tries to get it perfect but it’s one of the easiest ways. You can add a few flowers, hair bows, etc. to jazz the bun up a little.

Make-Up to Go with the Perfect Bun Hairstyle

The make up look we will be trying to achieve today will need the following.
  • A good primer of your choice
  • A good foundation (I like to use Revlon photo finish Nude Nu.)
  • A yellowish concealer
  • A Powder to set it
  • Bronzer with a glimpse to it
  • A skin colored eye shadow
  • Brown eye liner
  • Black mascara
  • Red lip stick and liner
To start out cleanse your face so that there’s no make up from the day before and so that your face feels fresh and renewed.
Apply a moisturizer and your primer to help keep pores from clogging and to help your foundation stay on longer. Apply foundation and concealer to the areas needed.
Powder your face so that it sets the foundation. Make a “fish face” and apply your bronzer from the hollows of your cheeks up along the side of your face to the tip of your eye brows.
Take a blush (Coral) and apply to the apples of your cheeks. Apply eye primer to yours eyes and let that sit. While that’s sitting, brush your brows and use brow liner to perfect them.
After that’s done, apply some wax or a specific brow gel to keep them clean all day.
Apply your skin toned eye shadow all over your lid and crease and to the brow bone.
Take some bronzer  and apply to the outer part of your crease for a more natural looking smokey eye. Take the brown eye liner and start from a few centimeters back from the end of your inner lashes, apply a skinny line until you reach the end of your outer lashes. Then using your lower lash line as a guide take the liner and add a wing. Connect your line to the wing and fill in. Apply mascara however you please.
Take your red lip liner and fill in your lips. Then take the red lipstick and blot it on and clean it up. Take your thumb and put it between your lips making a sucking your thumb pose then pop it out to get any lipstick away from your teeth.
Your look is complete!

AuthorHailey Soard

Hailey is a teen consultant who writes about what she knows best, beauty and fashion. She offers simple, practical advice to help you look and feel your best.