Gift Giving that Celebrates the Louisville and Kentuckiana Region

Homemade CandiesLooking for a unique gift to offer your family and friends this holiday season? Consider regional specific gifts. Not only will you be giving something unusual, but you’ll be supporting local businesses. You’ll also be showing your love of where you live. Here are a few ideas:

  • Huber’s Winery – A family owned business located in Southern Indiana. Huber’s offers a wide variety of products made at the orchard. Purchase everything from wine to jarred products. Better yet, for those who live locally, purchase a gift card and allow them to choose their own gift.
  • Schimpf’s – This candy store has been around for over a hundred years and is located on Spring Street in Jeffersonville. Have them wrap up their regional speciality of Modjeskas, covered marshmellows that have a unique flavor. Add whatever the person’s favorite candy is and wrap it all up for a unique, regional appeal with loads of history.
  • Steamboat Museum – Just up the road from Schimpf’s, you’ll find the Steamboat Museum. While it is also just an interesting piece of history and a great place to learn about the 1937 flood, you’ll find a wonderful little museum gift shop. In that shop, you can purchase books on the region for the history buff on your gift giving list.
  • Local Arts and Crafts – Purchase items from local artists at places such as Bear Hollow (wood carving) and Kentuckiana Art Organization.
  • Louisville Slugger – For the sports enthusiast on your list, make a trip to the Louisville Slugger Museum in downtown Louisville, Kentucky and purchase everything from tiny bats to books and more.
  • Kentucky Derby – The Kentucky Derby Museum offers tours and a gift shop. If you know someone who loves animals, he or she will appreciate a season pass to the museum or one of the many gifts from the museum gift show.
  • Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom – 2009 passes can be purchased now and make the perfect present for local teens who live nearby.
  • Homemade Favorites – Never underestimate the ability of a local handmade favorite to bring a smile to the gift recipient’s face. You can purchase everything from local honey, to goat’s milk soap, to jarred items such as jellies and jams. Keep an eye out for local produce stands, farmer’s markets, or ask around to find out which speciality shops sell these items.


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