Every Parent’s Nightmare – boy in balloon

Heene family
Credits: ABC; Heene Family pictured here. Six-year-old Falcon Heene is in the center.

Millions of people sat riveted to their televisions today, as the boy in the balloon (Falcon Heene) soared over Colorado skies, or so we thought. Prayers were sent heavenward, tears were shed and parents all across America imagined how they would feel in the same situation. Thankfully, the story turned out happy and Falcon was found hiding in a garage attic. Apparently his father had already scolded him once (and thank goodness or he might have actually been in that balloon) and the little boy didn’t like being yelled out.


There are some lessons parents can take from this happy ending, however.


  • Scold your children when they need it. It might keep them from a dangerous situation.
  • In case of emergency, call the authorities. They can bring in experts that can help.
  • Have an emergency plan in place.
  • Don’t make giant balloons that can fly off with your children.


Even though Falcon Heene wasn’t actually in the balloon, his parents acted quickly and did the right thing. Fortunately, he was never in any danger, but had he been their quick thinking may have saved him.

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