Day 1: Decluttering Disaster

Day 1: Decluttering Disaster

Day 1 of decluttering down. 364 days to go.

I decide that a good place to start on my experiment with keeping my home better and becoming more Martha Stewart-like would be to declutter some of my closets. I chose to start with the front entryway closet, which is the old homeschool closet from where we homeschooled more than a year ago. There are old books, school supplies and this and that in our front closet.

Decluttering Your Life

After pulling everything out, I quickly realized that I couldn’t really get rid of anything. I mean, what if I need it again at some point? You never know when you might need a book about Medieval knights, after all.

I also realized that the closet was smaller than all the stuff that was in the closet. This might explain why the only way to shut the closet was to jam everything in and shut the door as fast as possible. Hesitate a moment too long and everything comes tumbling out of the closet. Time the closing of the door just right and you hear the satisfying sound of items tumbling one over the other, but the door remains closed.

Decluttering My Home

I considered opening the closet again and giving it another try, but started thinking about Martha Stewart and her house. Sure, it looks perfect. There isn’t a lot of clutter and unnecessary items. But, what do her closets really look like? I bet she has at least one closet in her home where she closes the door quickly and prays it stays closed so nothing comes tumbling out. Don’t we all have one of those closets?

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