Current Redbox Discounts and Coupon Codes

Current Redbox Discounts and Coupon Codes

If there is one thing I love, it is saving money. As most of you know, I always search for discount codes, coupons and specials before I buy anything. From groceries, to eating out, to vacations, to renting Redbox movies. However, I have recently been really disappointed in the lack of current Redbox discounts and coupon codes available. Sure, there are a few, but not like there used to be. It got me thinking that we all need to rethink the way we do Redbox. 

Club It Up

If you don’t already have a account set up, go over to and set one up. If you do already have one set up, make sure you are signed up for Redbox Playpass. This will allow you to start earning points for the movies you do have to pay for. Every so many rentals and you’ll receive a code for a free movie or game. It might not be like back in the day when we could use all those codes for free rentals, but it is another way to save money. As of right now, you’ll get a free rental for every 100 points. Basically, you get 10 points for a rental. However, they sometimes offer promos where you can earn double points, etc., so be sure to sign up for mailing lists and take advantage of those promotions.

Hunt for More Codes

Your next step before renting should be to hunt for promo codes. Simply head over to and type in “Redbox Promo Codes and Coupons”. I typically click on the first few links and compare them. Often, you can find codes such as:

  • Rent one movie get one free
  • .50 off a rental
  • Game discounts

If you find a code that you think might work, jot it down. You may be trying out several different codes before actually renting a movie to see which ones work and offer the best discount, so you’ll want them all on hand.

Text 727272

Sign up for occasional special freebies and discounts via SMS at 727272. Also, you can often send them a message such as “push”, “movie”, and other codes that are posted online and on social media. They will then send you back a code you can use. Just as an example, I wanted to rent two movies for tonight. I had a free Playpass credit, so I had only rented one. Then, 727272 sent me a code for another free rental, which I went ahead and used as well. So, I wound up getting both movies for around .50 (I rented Blu-Ray for the one, so had to pay a little more).

Reserve Online

Do us all a favor and rent online. No one likes standing behind you while you read through all of the descriptions and take forever. Also, you can be sure the movie you want will be there when you arrive if you reserve ahead of time. Yes, there are some codes you can only use at the box that you will not be able to use if you reserve the movies in advance, but they are few and far between once you’ve used them a time or two.

Use That App

Go ahead and download the app. Most of the codes you’ll get from the 727272 sign up will be for use when you reserve with the app. They will not work online or at the box. You will need the app. When I reserved, I did one online and one via my app. Bam! Free movies.

Pay Attention to Return Times

The return time for most boxes is 9 p.m. the next day after you rent. This can vary by area, so look at your particular box to be sure. Make sure you run that movie back on time. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay for another day. This can add up.

Also, be sure the movie goes into the machine and you get a confirmation of return. One of my friends recently told me she hadn’t done this and she was charged for the entire movie. Someone behind her must have taken it when it popped back out. She had to pay it because she hadn’t returned it, even though she thought she had.

Sign up for email confirmations (reserving online takes care of this for you), so that you have receipt of your return.

I hope these tips are helpful to you and you are able to rent even more movies and enjoy the convenience of your local Redboxes.

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