Crafts for Kids: Cow Crafts

Crafts for Kids: Cow Crafts

Moo-ve over boredom, it’s time for some fun cow crafts for kids. With their big, brown eyes and distinctive color patterns, cows are a natural favorite for kids everywhere. Craft projects with cow themes run the gamut from paper crafts to cows made from modeling clay. Cow craft projects tend to use just a few colors of paint, marker or crayons, making this a simple and manageable activity for most kids.

Clay Cows

Polymer clay is an easy medium for a craft activity. To create a more lasting model, use air-hardening modeling clay. There are also some varieties that can be baked in the oven. But keep in mind that clay can darken after it’s baked.

To make a clay cow, form an oblong body, rounded head with snout and four legs. Once these items are shaped, add on a tail and ears and mold the face with eyes, mouth and nostrils.

If the clay is the type that hardens, you may even want to paint a black and white pattern once the clay is dry.

Clay Pot Cows

If you have some extra flower pots sitting around the house, clean them out thoroughly and use them to make a cute clay pot cow that would serve as a garden decoration or gift. Gather the materials you’ll need, such as a small clay pot, small wooden ball (for the head), pipe cleaners, paint and a glue gun.

The terra cotta pot becomes the base and the body of the cow. The pot should be painted white and then black spots added once the pot’s natural color is covered.

Cow Door Hanger

This is a fun and easy craft for kids that also gives the child a hanger to place on his door. The project uses many items you may already have around your home like paper dinner plates, construction paper and ribbons. You’ll also need a chenille pipe cleaner to form the door hook. Complete instructions for this craft can be found in the resources section below.

Toilet Paper Roll and Clothespin Cow

Some of the best craft projects are those that use items you might otherwise throw away. For a simple cow craft, gather empty toilet paper rolls, construction paper, clothespins, paint, pipe cleaners, glue and googly eyes. The paper roll becomes the body of the cow, the clothespins the legs and the pipe cleaner the tail. You’ll also want to cut a head from the construction paper, glue on ears and googly eyes and paint everything with a cow pattern.

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