Changes at Crabby Housewife

Changes at Crabby Housewife

Dear readers,

My posts have been a bit slower the last few weeks because I’m in the process of making some changes at Crabby Housewife. In addition to a complete redesign, we’ll be adding a new writer to the lineup.

Sally Painter will start writing a couple articles per month here starting in March. Sally has been a very dear friend of mine for well over 20 years now. More than that, though, she is an extremely talented writer. I know you’ll enjoy the articles she has to offer. She writes regularly already on gardening and design topics, so you can look forward to those articles from her.

I’m working out a few new recipes and will have those for you soon as well.

I apologize for the lack of articles in February. The pace will pick back up in March and we’ll have at least a few articles each week for you to enjoy. Please bear with me.



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Lori is a full-time housewife and writer, living in the Midwest with her husband of 27 years - they have two daughters. They have a house full of pets and her house is never quite perfect.