Crabby Housewife Experiment – Online Shopping Deal # 1

blue jeans
New jeans!

Deal # 1 was completed a few days back, but I’ve just had time to post about it. I’m really gearing up for back to school shopping. I have one daughter who loves Aeropostale. In fact, it is about all she’ll wear. Her favorite jeans from there are almost always around $45.00, so I typically wait for a sale. The shirts are much easier to find on sale, of course.

When I heard Aeropostale online was having a clearance sale, I got really excited. I went over and found her jeans for $9.99 a pair and in her size. I snagged three pair. They also had shirts that she likes for about $7 each, although only a couple left in her size. I snagged several of those. My total with shipping (no free shipping this time, darnit, but still cheaper than I could get them in store even with the shipping included) was just over $54.00 for three pair of jeans and two shirts. A GREAT deal.

I didn’t finalize the order just then, though, because I remember my new experiment. Instead, I popped over to Ebates to see if Aeropostale was on their list. Yes! They were. I will also get an additional $1.65 back through Ebates. Now, is that amount of fortune? Of course not. It is a paltry sum. However, I believe when I start adding to it throughout my shopping season over the next six months that it is going to really add up to a decent amount of money. It took me two seconds to go through Ebates and earn that. Aeropostale is a fairly low percentage earner at Ebates. Some other places you can earn much more of a percentage and cash back.

Happy shopping!

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