Crabby Housewife Experiment – Rebate Deal

Okay, Neutrogena has a rebate going on for their anti-aging products. I ordered through Walgreen’s online, going through (you guessed it!) Here is the deal I got:

Regular price: 42.99

Item on sale: 34.99

Discount code made it: 27.99

Free Shipping: 27.99

I will send off for a rebate and actually get back 34.99 on this purchase, PLUS

I got a $5 coupon to use in store and a $10 credit on a future purchase at Walgreens online. I actually made money on this deal, although I will have to wait on my refund. Still, a great purchase. This actually isn’t something I will use for a gift, though. I’m going to use it myself. However, I will apply the $5 and $10 to gift giving, so I just made $15 to use toward gifts or gift wrap, etc. If I can combine those with other coupons, even better. I love deals like these.

Crabby Housewife

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