Crabby Housewife Experiment – Entertainment Book Deal

entertainment bookIf you haven’t already heard about the Entertainment Book, you can save money on restaurants, entertainment and a myriad of other things. There are typically a few coupons for some of my daughters’ favorite stores as well, such as Deb’s. That coupon alone will save me enough to more than pay for this book.

Since holidays also mean meeting friends for dinners, I figure any other savings is a bonus. There is a really sweet deal on the Entertainment Book 2010 right now. The year is half over, but I promise that if you even eat out one time a week, you will quickly get your money back and begin to save with this book.

This week (so hurry!), you can get the Entertainment Book for $7.99 with $1.99 shipping. New, at beginning of year, the book is about $34.99. But, don’t just go straight to their site. Instead, go through Ebates first. Here is how the deal works out:

  1. Go to If you don’t already have an account, sign up using this link and then e-mail me and let me know you signed up under me. I will send you a free e-book titled What’s For Dinner? 14 Day Menu Rotation Plan as a thank you. It will help you save money on your groceries.
  2. Once you are at Ebates and signed in, search for Entertainment Book. Several choices will pop up. You want the one that says and 25% back.
  3. Go through that link and order your $7.99 2010 book. Do NOT sign up for automatic renewal, even though it saves you $5 now. You can almost always get the book cheaper than the rate they will charge you of $34.99, even when the book is first out. The longer you wait, the more you’ll save on the book.
  4. You should get $2 credited to your Ebates within a few days, making the book only $5.99 plus $1.99 shipping. This is less than $8. You will save that VERY quickly.

This one is a really good deal. Have fun with it.

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