What Covers Gray Hair Best?

What Covers Gray Hair Best?

If there is one thing having kids will get you, it is gray hair. If you are looking for the best hair color to cover gray hair, let me tell you I have tried a lot of different types and brands. What covers gray hair best? It depends on how much of your hair is gray and what color you’d like to get to.

Best Hair Color to Cover Some Gray Hair

If you are just starting to see some gray strands mixed through the rest of your hair, you can easily hide this gray with highlights. If your hair is dark, try some warm caramel hair color highlights. If your hair is light brown or lighter, you should add some honey blonde highlights. the lighter your gray, the lighter your highlights should be to camouflage them. The key is to not go so light that you have to constantly have your highlights redone to hide regrowth. Ideally, your highlights will blend and so will your gray hair, so that the gray hair is covered up.

Color Resistant Gray Hair

If your hair is more than 50% gray and is resistant to color, things get a little trickier. First, you will want to invest a bit more in the color you use. Sally’s Beauty has some amazing dyes specifically made for gray hair and they cover very well and the cover lasts. I also add a gray additive that comes in a little single use packet. If you can’t find them, ask the workers. They are by the red-out, etc.

Also, you will want to choose a color that is a bit lighter than you natural color. This helps make the gray less apparent. The darker you go, the more the gray will show through.

If You Must Have Dark Hair, but You Also Have Gray

I had gone quite a bit lighter to cover the gray. My hair had lightened up to a dark blonde with highlights. However, my natural color is between a medium and light brown. I was really tired of the lighter color as I feel it makes me look washed out and I missed my dark hair. I came up with a solution that worked well for me at this point where my 20-year-old daughter has given me a gazillion gray hairs coming in.

I did baby lights. It is like a very subtle balayage effect. This allowed me to go darker on top and shade down to a bit lighter at the bottom. This also allows me to touch up new growth just at the roots without having to redo all of my highlights every couple of weeks (damaging to the hair).

Salons charge a fortune to do baby lights. I actually stumbled across a very simple technique, which I will share in a video with you the next time I dye my hair. Until then, may your grays stay covered and your hair stay beautiful.

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