Cleaning Bathroom Counters

Barkeeper’s Friend

I decided to actually clean house today. My bathrooms needed some attention. Just a quick wipe-down doesn’t always take off the buildup from styling products and makeup. I started to scrub and scrub with not much luck. The counter LOOKED clean, but it didn’t feel clean.

Then, I remembered a little trick I read online somewhere. There is a product called Barkeeper’s Friend. I use this wonderful product so much, that I decided to see what it would cost to buy it by the case. It is much, much cheaper to buy a case at Amazon and if you add a single can as well, shipping is free. This will last me all year, hopefully.

I already use this nifty product to clean my ceramic stove top and for the stainless steel on my sinks and faucets. I’ve even used it to clean the wheels on my car, which tend to get a lot of brake dust on them. So, I thought why not use on the counter top. It is fairly non abrasive but has enough grit to get things clean. I was able to get off a hair dye stain that I thought was there forever and it took the build up right off. My counters are now sparkly clean.

I then moved on to the toilet and sprinkled some in there with similar results. Other things you could potentially use this cleaner on include:

  • Bathtub grime
  • Grout
  • Polish silverware
  • Cleaning Stainless Steel cookware
  • Golf clubs
  • Shower curtain liner
  • Soap dish
  • Copper bottom pots (never use these on a ceramic cooktop stove)
  • Removing rust from almost anything
Liquid BK Friend

If you know of other uses, please post in the comments area. Although I don’t use it as much, Barkeeper’s Friend also has a liquid version.

This just goes to show that there are still inexpensive cleaning products out there that do a great job on multiple things. Another option, if you want to stay natural is to use a simple concoction of white vinegar and baking soda. When you add the vinegar to the baking soda, it will bubble and help loosen tough stains. You’ll need to scrub a little more with this method, but it can still be effective.

Your crabby house wife is a little less crabby today because her bathroom is very clean with little effort.

Crabby Housewife

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