Cheater’s Finger Foods Strawberry Pinwheels

Cheater’s Finger Foods Strawberry Pinwheels

If you’ve read this blog for about two seconds, you probably have realized how lazy I am about putting foods together for parties and gatherings. If there is a simple, fast way to do it, you better believe I’m all over that. I especially love simple finger foods that look like they took a long time to put together but didn’t.

Recently, for my daughter’s graduation party, we did a candy buffet with a pink theme. I knew some people would miss us not having a cake, so I added some pink iced cookies (bought from the store) and I saw these strawberry rolls snack cakes that I knew I could very easily turn into something cute for the party that looked like it took a lot of prep time and didn’t.

In fact, these were so very easy to make that I put my husband in charge of making them (with some basic instructions) and he impressed everyone. My husband is not a cook. He can make chili and grill and that’s about it.

You’ll Need:

  • Strawberry rolls (these are with the snack cakes typically)
  • Fancy tooth picks
  • Knife
  • Pretty tray
  • Bread knife

Easy Finger Food Instructions

Pull the strawberry rolls out of the plastic packages. Use a bread knife to slice vertically. You’ll get dozens of beautiful pinwheels. Place a toothpick in the cake part so guests can easily pick up the pinwheel.

That’s it! I promised you it was easy. You can see how cute they are in the photo at the top of this page. These were a big hit at our party.

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