Cheapest Ways to Decorate Your Walls

Cheapest Ways to Decorate Your Walls
Borrow artwork for a fresh look.

When you’re on a decorating budget, one of the quickest ways to make a big impact to any room in your home is to focus on the walls. Wall decor can take attention away from problem areas or hide ugly drywall. Instead of a complete redesign, which can cost thousands of dollars, start with a few basic ideas and soon you’ll be thinking outside the box and creating unique rooms that will wow your family and friends.


Christopher Lowell, Interior designer and host of television shows like “Interior Motives,” shares that paint is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to transform a room. A fresh color is hardly decoration, though. To truly make paint live up to the word “decor,” you must create a unique design. Paint one color a vivid red. Create boxes in contrasting dark and light. Make a mural of a beautiful setting, add stripes or create a plaid pattern. Sponge painting and textured paints can camouflage cracked drywall or other issues.

Borrowing Art

Purchasing unique artwork or even a reproduction of a famous painting can run hundreds of dollars per piece. To truly complete the look of a room, you may need several pieces of art. One way to combat this high decorating cost is to borrow works of art. Some libraries offer paintings that you can borrow for a few months at a time. This means you’ll always have fresh pieces on your wall. If your library doesn’t offer this, talk to family and friends about what they might have in their attics that they will loan you.

Spiff Up Dollar Store Frames

Those who have a nice collection of family photos to display can purchase inexpensive frames from the dollar store. Paint the frames in the colors of your choice and arrange on the wall in a unique pattern. For example, you might draw a tree with branches and then place the photos on the tree in the format of a family tree with the oldest pictures at the top and the more recent ones on the bottom.

Unique Wallpaper

Wallpapering an entire room can be costly. Instead of coating all four walls with a single type of wallpaper, add the paper to just one accent wall. Apply the wallpaper strips horizontally, skipping a section and leaving the painted wall exposed or using two types of paper. You could also use brown craft paper, posters or wrapping paper to cover the accent wall.

Paint a Design

In an article on, bed and breakfast owner and blogger Michael Wurm, Jr. shares how to paint a Chevron patterned wall with tape and paint. Craft supply and home supply stores offer stencils that allow you to paint a mural of a fence, flowers or other scenery. If you’re a good artist, try sketching your mural and then painting the sketch to add color.

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