Celebrating the Super Bowl with Kids

football partyWhen Super Bowl Sunday rolls around each year, parents all across Kentuckiana (and around the country) are left wondering how they can celebrate this day in a kid-friendly way. After all, going to the local sports bar when you have young children with you isn’t doable.

Family Friendly Super Bowl Sunday Party

Probably the easiest way to watch the Super Bowl game when you have children is to plan a party at your house and make it family friendly. You may want to consider eliminating alcohol from the equation if there will be children present. Unfortunately, there is usually one in every crowd who drinks to much and spoils the fun for everyone. It is probably best to have a no alcohol rule for parties where kids will be present. Here are some things you can include that will make your party so much fun that no one will notice there isn’t beer and wine:

  • Super Bowl themed snacks, like a football shaped cheese ball, hot wings, chips and a cake that looks like a football playing field.
  • Crafts to keep the kids busy that have a football theme and age-appropriate activities for toddlers.
  • Challenges and games to keep everyone busy. For example, you could have people vote on which team will score the first touchdown. Those who vote the winner get a piece of candy. Immediately start another round of votes, like which team will be flagged first and so on.
  • In the time leading up to the Super Bowl beginning, you may want to record mock Super Bowl commercials, which you can edit and share at the next party. This can be a fun and silly way to record the event and it will get everyone laughing and having a good time.

Church Events

Many churches offer Super Bowl events for their members. These are typically events where everyone in the family is welcome. If the church offers a children’s program, they may even have a separate set of activities going on for the younger kids in the family. This means your kids will have fun with their friends while you enjoy the game with other adults.

Two Televisions

If you have a large family with a lot of kids, you may also want to set up a second television set in a different room and put in some Disney movies. You could even have a separate snack table and other games and toys to keep the kids entertained. If there are very young children in the group (under five), then you may want to hire a neighborhood teenager to come in and supervise and make sure everyone stays safe.

Ultimately, no matter how to decide to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday, it is likely to be a time of year that your children remember when they are grown. You’ll want to begin traditions that they can repeat with their own children one day.

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