Backing Up Your Documents to Avoid Catastrophe

Backing Up Your Documents to Avoid Catastrophe

Does the thought of a computer crash stress you out? You aren’t alone. Most of us aren’t very good at remembering to backup files. It can be time consuming and just plain easy to forget.

A graphic artist friend, Jen Conner, put it best:

It never fails. The one time I don’t back up something important is the one time my computer crashes.

As a writer, amateur photographer and web designer, it is important that my files are backed up at all times. Even if I remember to backup to an external drive, there is no promise that if a fire or some natural disaster occurred (think Henryville Tornado 2012) that my external drive would survive.

Last year, I thought I’d better get smart and automate things, so I signed up for a service that backs your files up in the background. I used it a couple of times when I accidentally deleted a photo or file and liked it.

This year, I did switch to iDrive for several reasons. First, I want to say upfront that I did go ahead and sign up for their affiliate program because I’m so happy with the price and the efficiency of the new service. However, I am being honest when I say that I believe it is the best deal around. At the end of this article, I will list the other services, so you can compare for yourself. If you decide iDrive is your best option, it helps me keep this site running and cover costs like web hosting and my graphic artist when people use my affiliate links, so I’d appreciate the referral.

Why I Chose iDrive

iDrive was only $34.65 a month with the current 30% discount. Use promo code: lorisoard to get your discount. Or use this link:

That price is good for the first year and then you’ll have to see if they have additional codes available or compare pricing with other companies.

For that amount, I got 150 GB of data storage. Since I was only using 46.7 GB on my old plan (even though it was unlimited), I knew this was more than enough for my needs. I am able to store all my photos, videos, backed up websites (I have many) and books, etc. for the 46.7 GB. You may even be able to use their free offer of 5 GB if you don’t have a lot of these items on your computer. 5 GB is a lot of storage.

Downloading the software and setting it up was a snap.

Comparing the Plans


Company  Storage Space  Price
iDrive 150 GB  $34.95
Crashplan Unlimited (if you have more than 150 GB, might be a good plan for you)  $59.95
Carbonite  Unlimited (doesn’t include external drives)  $59.99

If you choose a plan other than iDrive, look for discounts or ask for one. New customers will sometimes receive at least 10-20% off and every little bit of savings adds up.

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