Avocado and Egg

Avocado and Egg

So, I was inspired by a recipe I saw over on Facebook that was posted on PopSugar.

I’m always looking for new, healthy recipes and this is one I hadn’t seen before that involved something as simple as an avocado and an egg.

The recipe was basically half an avocado with the pit and some of the fruit scooped out. A raw egg is then broken into the empty space and the entire thing is baked on low heat in the oven until the egg is cooked.

You can add cheese and seasonings. You can get the complete recipe here on their website.

I don’t want to post all their secrets, because it is their┬árecipe and you should check out their wonderful article on it.

My Version of This Treat

This is my breakfast today. I am going to add a bit of mild salsa to the top of the mixture and use Mexican shredded cheese. How did you adapt this idea? Share your tweaks below so we can all try them out.

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