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American Idol is one of those reality shows that is fairly clean and family friendly. Whether you are rooting for Fantasia Barrino’s pick of Danny Gokey, or you prefer the softer croonings of Kris Allen, everyone in your family is sure to have a favorite. American Idols only runs for a few months each year. This is a great time to set aside Tuesdays and Wednesdays prime time as family time. Here are some ideas for how to host an American Idol family night at least once a week.

  • ┬áPass out paper and ask each member of the family to write out what they like or don’t like about the new judge, Kara DioGuardi, bio here. Young children can draw their thoughts.
  • Prepare Idol snacks, such as cookies in the shape of stars. Earlier in the day, you can have the kids ice and decorate the cookies.
  • Host a sing off before Idol begins and let each child put on a short show with an inexpensive Karaoke machine or a game like Rock Band. There is a Christian version of Rock Band available at Family Christian bookstores. You can put on your own American Idol show.
  • On Wednesdays, have the kids vote on who they think will be removed from the show that week. If someone chooses the correct answer, have a prize ready, such as a necklace with a little microphone or a star.
  • Pop popcorn, snuggle with the kids under the blankets and just enjoy chatting during the commercials and getting to know your kids’ views better.


Warnings: Watch out for off the cuff moments, like the American Idol bikini audition that seems to show up each year. This might be a good opportunity to talk to your children about dressing modestly or appropriate dress for different situations.

You may also want to take some time after the show to chat about which contestants are each family member’s favorite. Ask questions such as:

  • Why do you think she deserves to be the next American Idol?
  • Do you think the next American Idol should have good morals?
  • What would you sing if you were on the show?
  • Are there any contestants you dislike? Why?

You can use the personalities and quirks of the contests to open up a platform for discussion. Prefer your children not get tattoos when they’re grown? Show them how large tattoos can detract from the look of an otherwise gorgeous dress. Want your kids to be personable and well spoken? Point out the contestants who exemplify these qualities. Admire people who pull themselves up by their bootstraps? Point out those rags to riches stories of current and past American Idol contestants.

Be open to new ideas and just have fun with this American Idol season.



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