Jeans and teens go hand in hand…or leg in leg, in this case.

Today, I received a timely email reminder from my Aeropostale coupon, promotional codes and announcements service that I’m signed up for. This email said “Do Something Good” in the subject line. The message? Donate gently used jeans at your local Aeropostale store. It doesn’t matter what brand the jeans are. The jeans will then be distributed to homeless teens in need of clothing. What a great idea on how to give back to society and a good way to teach your teens about giving back to others.

So, as you hunt for your local Aeropostale store to take advantage of all those Aeropostale sales and deals on jeans, take the time to clean the closet of jeans you no longer wear, that no longer fit and are gently worn. Take them with you and give them to this wonderful program.

You can get more information at TeensForJeans.comjeans

Crabby Housewife

Crabby Housewife

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